Press Releases and Show Reviews

By: Laurie Lawson

For this show MARIANNE CHALLIS shares the stage at Danny's Skylight Room with the also considerably-talented REAGAN STONE. They only perform one song together, but they both leave lasting impressions.

Stone charms you with her southern hospitality in a delightful medley of "Pardon My Southern Accent/If I Had My Druthers/Carolina In The Morning," entertains you with her charismatic patter, and wows you with her on-target singing. She has a hearty soprano voice that both soars to dizzying heights and belts with the best, usually within the same song. Standards like "It's Only A Paper Moon" and "Small Town Boy (Girl)" become something quite special thanks to Stone's passionate presentations. And if talent, charm, and passion aren't enough to inspire you, add a big serving of courage to the mix. She informs the audience that she has been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease that eventually results in blindness. Following up this announcement with a heart-felt rendition of "I'm Not Afraid Of Anything," REAGAN STONE lights up the stage and radiates her essence out to cabaret patrons who, by now, have already fallen in love with her. Quite an evening!